Alumeco Group Presentation #1

English version

Alumeco Group Presentation #2

German version

Cut to Length

English version

Cut to Length - Coswig

German version

General presentation

Sawing Special Profiles

Quick and efficient

Sawing Aluminium Bars: 6026

Old sawing machine

Stainless Steel Look

Aluminium with Stainless Steel Look

Block sawing

Different sawing ranges

Sawing Aluminium Thick Plates

Sawing Aluminium Sheets

Sawing Aluminium Bars

New sawing machine

Laser cutting

Turret punching

Robot and Manual welding

Packing Aluminium Plates

The right way

High Racks at Alumeco

For profiles and plates

Profile Sawing

Profile Bending

Plate Rolling

Press Brakes

Profile Milling



Find out how Aluminium is recycled

Die for aluminium extrusion

How the die is prepared.

One Stop Alu

Network in the Danish aluminium world.

Handling Aluminium Scrap

How Alumeco Handles Aluminium Scrap

Water Damage

Before and After damage

Riveted Alucobond plates

SZ 20 panels

Tray panels hooked on bolts

Alucobond bending process

Alucobond CNC processing

Alucobond routing and folding technique

Production of tray panels

Alucobond countour cutting

Alucobond sawing

Alucobond punching

Plancast Plus Eloxx alloy 5754

Case with JJ Mechatronic

Aluminium plates for facade

Nielsen & Nielsen


Making carports in aluminium

Marine Case

Supplying aluminium shates for manufacturing fast military boats

Danish Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

English Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

Swedish Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

Norwegian Aluminium Catalogue

Norwegian Aluminium Catalogue

German Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

Dutch Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

Finnish Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

Polish Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

Czech Aluminium Catalogue

Complete Standard Range

Danish Version

Et produkt klar til brug

English version

A product ready for use

Swedish Version

En produkt färdig att använda

Norwegian Version

Et produkt klar til bruk

German Aluminium Catalogue

Ein einsatzfähiges Produkt ohne weitere Bearbeitung

Dutch Version

Platen precies op maat en klaar voor gebruik

Finnish Version

Levyt valmiiksi tuotantosi mitoilla

Polish Version

Materiał gotowy do użycia

Czech Version

Plechy jsou přímo připraveny ke zpracování

Lithuanian Version

naudojimui paruoštas produktas

Aluminium Special Profiles - Danish Version

Danish version

A-Solutions - Danish Version

A-Solutions - English Version

A-Solutions - Swedish Version

Tolerancer for profiler

Håndbog for normerne

Tolerances for profiles

Handbook for norms


EN AC-5083

Aluminium Plates

EN AC-5083


EN AC-5083


EN AC-5083


Aluminum Shates

Range of shates and marine profiles

Aluminium Transportprofiler

Aluminium Transport Systems

Ansat hos Alumeco

HR brochure

Two Strong Companies

Alumeco and Metalcenter

To stærke virksomheder

Alumeco og Metalcenter

Booklet with our best cases

Booklet with our best cases



Anodized Plates

DDQ Plates

Painted Plates


Tread Plates



Round Tube

Square Tube

L Profile

T Profile

U Profile

Technical Data