25 x 1020 x 3020 mm

CW021A, Cu-HCP 25 x 1020 x 3020 mm

Material id:
25 mm
1020 mm
3020 mm
Hard as rolled
≈ 685.39 kg/pc

We offer various types of copper sheets to our industrial customers, all with a minimum 99.9% purity.
Sheets are generally available in 3 dimensions, 1000x2000 mm, 1000x3000 mm, 1250x2500 mm.
We also offer copper plates from 15 mm in dimensions 1020x2020 mm and 1020x3020 mm.
The most common alloys are, Cu-DHP-CW024A, Cu-ETP-CW004A, Cu-OF-CW008A and Cu-HCP-CW021A

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CW021A, Cu-HCP

We are not liable for items out of stock. The specified weight is theoretical. Please contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Technical Specifications


Density Cu P
Name g/cm3 Min Max
CW021A, Cu-HCP 8.9 99.9 0.003

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