11 x 100 x 1000 mm

AMPCOLOY® 83 11 x 100 x 1000 mm

11 mm
100 mm
1000 mm

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DESCRIPTION AMPCOLOY® 83 is a 1.9% Beryllium copper alloy which displays very high mechanical properties with a reasonably good electrical and thermal conductivity. APPLICATION Wherever good wear resistance or high mechanical properties are desired coupled with a good electrical or thermal conductivity, such as: • Flash butt welding and butt welding• Parts for electrical components In the plastic mould industry AMPCOLOY® 83 is sometimes used in the construction of chill plates and inserts in the moulds, cooling pins and neck rings or bottom plates for blow moulds of plastic bottles. AMPCO® and AMPCOLOY® are registered trademarks of AMPCO METAL SA

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Technical Specifications


Co+Ni Be Other
Name Max Max Max
AMPCOLOY® 83 Cu 0.5 1.9 0.5

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